A Proposal for Formula E, Following the Coronavirus Pandemic: Part 1 – Introductions and Copyright Notice

Introduction to this Book

This book looks at how Formula E should continue, in the second half of 2020, and onwards to 2021 and beyond. To protect the series from bankruptcy, due to the world economy around it, following the tragic Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Formula E is currently suffering, as are many organisations and sports are in 2020, but this obviously comes 2nd, to the many fatalities of the global illness.

However, as the world tries to, ‘go back to normal’, this book looks at how the Formula E calendar of the 2019/2020 season should end, as well as how the following Championship should start in 2021. What Formula E should look at, for continuing to operate successfully, and try to remain an intricate series, in the world of motorsport.

This includes looking at the business model Formula E has transitioned to, over its 7-year history, to best negotiate the troubled waters of 2020, and the global recession, that is bound to follow.

Note, that this book is being written in May 2020, and the global situation may change, following the publishing of this book. But at some point, you have to release a book to the public, otherwise it will always be just a document, never to be made into anything.

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