A Proposal for Formula E, Following the Coronavirus Pandemic: Part 10

To Replace the Rome ePrix

This is probably the easiest replacement circuit in this proposal. Barely on the outside of the city of Rome itself, is a racetrack that is often seen as too complex and slow, for most World Championship series, compared to the faster racetracks.

Vallelunga may not be the perfect racetrack for traditional Formula E, but I think this circuit would create an exciting Formula E race. The first half of the circuit, is very fast for Formula E, with high speed entries towards turn 4, and turn 7. The second half of the circuit, being a much more technical, slower section of the circuit, creating a circuit to challenge the cars, in almost every element, of racetrack design.

Energy saving would be at a premium during the ePrix, but that could lead to some exciting racing, into a lot of hairpins on this circuit. Plus, the warmer climate around Rome, compared to Northern Italy, gives even the location of this racetrack, as a bonus for racing, and allows Vallelunga to host motor racing, at cooler times of the year. A racetrack to create great racing, for Formula E at least.

In terms of other racetracks in Italy, there is Autodromo dell’Umbria, and Adria International Raceway, as two racetracks that I would other, as good alternatives for Formula E in Italy. Both could do the job for Formula E, in producing good racing, and hiding the pace difference of Formula E, compared to other motor racing series. However, I think Vallelunga is the number one choice for me, and I would be excited to see Formula E, take on this unique, and challenging racetrack to drive, and for Formula E, to race.

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