A Proposal for Formula E, Following the Coronavirus Pandemic: Part 2

My Motorsport Story of Fandom

My motorsport story begins with Formula 1, at an early age of 3 years old where, as a British boy, I supported a German underdog. Heinz-Harald Frentzen, was my favourite, for no particular reason, other than he drove a yellow car and had Z in his name.

Maybe my first memory, is of the German driver racing through the first chicane, at the Nürburgring in 1999. For many years, I thought this was the chicane at Spa-Francorchamps, but I later found the video of my memory, and it all flooded back, being a child watching that race on TV.

Since then, I have been a dedicated Formula 1 fan, for the rest of the 20th & the complete 21st Century, thus far. I have supported various drivers and teams, but all I really want is exciting, unpredictable racing. Having watched over 300 races and highlights of many more, I am truly passionate about my favourite sport.

I am an underdog fan, supporting the drivers and teams that create the giant killings of the sport, Herbert at the Nürburgring 1999, Fisichella at Sao Paulo 2003 and, Button at the Hungaroring 2006. I enjoy wet races and the unpredictability of chaos that create the unique and memorable Grand Prix.

As I grew up, I discovered more motor racing series, and began to watch them as well. This of course includes, Formula E, as I have watched every Formula E race, on the same day as they raced. I have watched the series from its first race in Beijing, in 2014, until this very day.

Therefore, I enjoy writing books about motorsport (especially Formula 1) but, not just writing books with simple concepts, but with the most odd and unusual ideas. From designing circuits, to looking into the structure of the sport. I am not interested in making a book, without it being unique or an unusual read. Trying to be original, and creative, often is my inspiration for writing.

This is technically my first book discussing Formula E, but I have mentioned the series in other books, I have made, even if this particular racing series, has not been the main focus of the book. I hope you enjoy not just this book, but any motorsport books I have made on vuvupublications.com

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