VuVu Publications was created by me, a semi-experienced author, who writes in their spare time. I like to keep myself private and let my writing do the talking. I have decided I want to make more of my projects available for free online, and try and make writing my job since I really enjoy it.

I cover a wide range of subject matter, hopefully creating books for a variety of people to enjoy our writing/content. I hope to create eBooks that are unique and are different to most eBooks available to purchase.

If you are interested in our past eBooks, present and future eBook releases, getting discounts for our eBooks and where you can buy our eBooks, visit vuvupublications.com

If you want to email me, the email address is: info@vuvupublications.com

If you want to Tweet (for some reason): @PublicationsVu

If you have any problems with an eBook you have purchased from me or you want to give us any advice about my past, present and future projects, then please email me, using the email address above.

To view more of the terms and conditions, privacy policy and more information about VuVu Publications is available at vuvupublications.com/termsandconditions at any time.

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