April 2020 Q&A

This is the first Q&A that is being released on the website. These are typically just going to the questions that are frequently asked via our email, and therefore this gives our book readers, a chance to have their questions answered, without any extra effort for you.

Firstly, thank you. For reading this Q&A and hopefully purchasing one of the books we currently offer. It really means the world, and I cannot say a big enough thank you. I know the world is in a tough place right now, during this Coronavirus pandemic, so the biggest thank you I can find, is what I want to give you. Anyway, you didn’t come here to be thanked, you have questions and I have answers, so let’s begin.

Q1: There are not many books currently available on your website, so I am just wondering when there will be some new books, to choose from?

A1: Very Soon. May will see at least 8 new books be released, although all will be around motor racing. The plan is for new books to arrive every month from now on, with another idea, that a new book will be released every Friday, throughout the Summer. This is only an idea at the moment, but it might be a possibility for the future.

Q2: There are only 2 fictional books out on your store at the moment, so is Fiction less important or less frequent on VuVu Publications?

A2: The simple answer is no, but they often take longer to write. By the end of the year, the hope is to have more than 10 fictional books on the website, but that might not happen, because it just takes a lot of time, to write a good 60,000 word Novel, such as the ‘Vampire Novel of the Weak.’ As a tease, there is the 3rd book in the Vampire Saga of the Ace, releasing in October, a unique poetry book for June, and a lot of other fictional books, to be released at some point. Just be patient for now.

Q3: What is the hardest element you have found in writing books?

A3: Perfectionist tendencies. Always trying to be perfect and that is not always possible. Especially with the non-fiction books, as information and facts can change, within just days or weeks of the book being released. Therefore more than once, books have been edited later to keep them accurate, after they have already been released. But, at some point you have to take the plunge and release the book because it is going out of date, the longer it has to be inaccurate by new information. being sat on a hard drive. So, aiming for perfection, and therefore not wanting to publish the book, due to fearing it is not perfect.

Q4: How easy is it to join VuVu Publications as an author, and what are the benefits of joining VuVu Publications?

We have individual arrangements with each author, previously and presently. So, leave a comment below in the comments section of this webpage, or email us at info@vuvupublications.com, and pitch to us, why you want to join VuVu Publications.

The Benefits of joining VuVu Publications is dependant on what each writer wants. Such as creating a book cover, formatting the book for Amazon or other e-stores, some marketing for the book, etc. Again, each arrangement with each writer is different and flexible to the writer. At the end of the day, to make a community of writers work, each wants and need different things, so I try to cater to all, the best I can.

Q5: Why are some books available at some ebook stores, and some are not?

A5: Logistically, selling books at different ebook stores is complicated. Different ebook stores have different requirements and needs. For an example, at the beginning we were using lulu.com for most of our publishing needs. But then they changed there requirements and the service they deliver. So, now, we have different arrangements, and now it is just taking time to adjust everything, to the new way, including the older books we have available.

But every book we offer, is available on Amazon and Payhip, before any other eBook store.

Q6: Do you offer physical publishing options, for your books and other people’s books?

A6: No, simply. If you were very determined and willing to pay a rather high price, then we can look into it, but international delivery, on top of the manufacturing costs, means that as a smaller website than many others, it is not currently possible. But, we hope one day physical publishing will be available, when we have larger sales than we have now.

Q7: Do you offer your books in other languages?

Currently, no.

Q8: Do you accept translators and transcribers for your books?

If that is something that somebody wants to do, then contact us, and we will arrange a deal between us and the translator. We would like to sell our books in many different languages, but that is not currently possible in 2020.

Q9: Would you advertise somebody else’s books on your website, or even within some of your books?

Again, contact us to arrange what you want to do with this option, as somebody did before. Propose your idea to us, and then we will make a decision whether it is a yes or no. But, again the decision will be decided, on a case by case basis.

Q10: What plans do you have for the future of VuVu Publications?

A10: Ok, this question has never been asked before, but I thought I would add it to the end of this web page, just as a little self-promotion. Technically, the idea behind VuVu Publications, was to create a union of writers, with different people from different backgrounds. To be honest, that idea has slow disintegrated. Writers have moved onto new jobs, and the union has slowly shrunk, to being the final two of us.

But, people move on, and I have even helped one of them, by writing them a reference, and sending her new employer, all the links to her pair of books. So, new authors would be nice. But, it has stopped VuVu Publications from releasing new books, and with over 200 book ideas in a spreadsheet, it means that VuVu Publications will continue to sell new books for the rest of 2020, and will likely continue a long time after as well.

If you do have a question for VuVu Publications, or you are interested in something mentioned above about VuVu Publications, including being a new author, then comment in the comment section below, or email us at info@vuvupublications.com

Have a Nice Day!

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