Awesome Vuvuzela Poetry

This book contains some awesome Poetry about the legendary African Instrument, the Vuvuzela. It may make you cry, may make you sad, may make you laugh, may make you spasm into the craziest human body positions ever seen. Or maybe it will give you just happy contentment.
We hope you enjoy this slightly odd poetry book. 

Below is an example Poem from this book: The Great Hum of 2010

‘The World travelled South, East and West,

All to play the beautiful game,

Watch the beautiful game,

Enjoy the beautiful game.

But, an unexpected intruder,

Came to the World’s ears.

Surprising the TV and Radio

The hum heard all over the world.

Was it the largest swarm of hornets?

Was it a weird frequency of electronics?

Was it 1,000 2 stroke engines revving?

No, it was the Vuvuzela!’

The END!

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