Copyright Notice

Every book produced by VuVu Publications, intends to follow the United Kingdom Copyright Act (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988). Since VuVu Publications was and is based in the United Kingdom and therefore, follows the Copyright Act of our own country.

Information supplied by different information sources are given full credit and no information is used, beyond the purpose that the product requires or is displayed. The reason for such information to be used within our product is simply to either review, critique, quote, parody, caricature, pastiche or for the use of news reporting.

VuVu Publications never intends to discredit or devalue the owners of any commercial entity or product that may be referenced within any VuVu Publications product. VuVu Publications intends to only credit and leave the value of a commercial entity or product at the same value or increased value.

VuVu Publications also works under the legal term of Fair Dealing. ‘Fair dealing’ is a legal term used to establish whether the use of a copyrighted work is lawful, or whether it infringes copyright. It requires that any copying does not impact on the rightsholder and you only copy as much as is necessary for the purpose.

Any and every VuVu Publications commercial work intends to only use the information that has not been Copyrighted, fair use information and property. Unless it is absolutely necessary for the book to use Copyrighted property or information attributed to a separate commercial entity. All use by VuVu Publications will be either to review, critique, quote, parody, caricature, pastiche or for the use of news reporting.

No published work by VuVu Publications intends to break any Copyright law in the world. If there is a perceived issue with the theft of any property by any individual or company, please inform VuVu Publications. If clear evidence of a Copyright issue by VuVu Publications is presented to VuVu Publications, we will remove it from sale in the different marketplaces that VuVu Publications uses globally and all revenue made by this specific VuVu Publications property, will be sent to the commercial entity owner within a 90 days period of VuVu Publications accepting, the break of Copyright Law.

It may take time for VuVu Publications to remove any commercial work from our 3rd party selling services. We will require the patience of any and every commercial entity claiming Copyright for us to remove such assets from sales as, this will be an action supplied by a 3rd party entity, which we do not own.

We do not accept the responsibility or liability for a 3rd party selling service for VuVu Publications products. It is the decision for these services to decide to let specific VuVu Publications products be sold for commercial uses on their platforms. Most 3rd party services used by VuVu Publications have needed the editing of our products, to allow our products to be formatted to their services.


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