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This page includes the Introduction pages for the VuVu Publications book, of, ‘Vampire Poetry of the Capture’

Introduction to this Book

This poetry book is a little different from most other poetry books as you will quickly realise when reading this fiction. We hope you enjoy the poetry; this book has to offer and the story hidden within. A greater explanation will be in the conclusion of this book.

This story is a part of a larger book series being produced by VuVu Publications, called the Vampire Saga of the Ace.

Introduction to VuVu Publications

VuVu Publications was created by me, a semi-experienced author, who writes in their spare time. I like to keep myself private and let my writing do the talking. I have decided I want to make more of my projects available for free online, and try and make writing my job since I really enjoy it. So I will be releasing chapters or parts of my books, for free every week, on Wattpad, and on my website, with the aim, to have something new on the website, and then on Wattpad, every day, in the near future. Have a Nice Day!

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