Joining VuVu Publications as a New Author

Have you ever desired to write and publish your very own book, with your very own ideas and creativity? But you believe you don’t have the skills, knowledge or experience necessary to make a compelling book for readers or to make money from your writing?

VuVu Publications was created with the intention of giving new and experienced writers and authors the chance to work with each other and support each other, with the intention of helping them achieve their personal goals. Whether that is to make money from selling their individual product, a legacy project or for personal reasons, VuVu Publications fully supports the good intentions of every member.

VuVu Publications aims to bring a new element of creativity and originality to the marketplaces of some of the largest online sellers, from a small union of good authors.

VuVu Publications allows writers to be anonymous or completely named and credited when they like. We help with writers/authors with issues such as Copyright, Privacy, Third-Party marketplaces, or even concept, can all be aided by being a part of our union. To know more about VuVu Publications, click here.

Every writer/author has an individual arrangement, in order to create flexibility and freedom for the individual, without being restricted by a corporation’s demands. VuVu Publications doesn’t demand anything from its writers other than originality and creativity. No time limit, no word count and no page limit.

Our current authors and writers come from many different professions, personalities and we are even starting to grow an international base of writers.

We are always looking for new writers and authors, so if you are interested in writing a book and want to be a part of the authors union of VuVu publications, then contact us:

If you want to email us, our email address is: or

If you want to Tweet us: @PublicationsVu

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