New Free Short Story – Death Upon the Manitoba Sea

This new short story is a fictional piece, that will be a part of a larger story in the future of VuVu Publications. At the moment, this odd little story will be a free little read for anybody who wants to wonder what will come after this little tale. For now, enjoy?

Death Upon the Manitoba Sea

This will be the last time I write in this book, it might be the last time I write anything ever again. But I have to do this, for my wife. My beautiful Wenona. I, Myeengun, write to signal the end. For my children, I write this, because I cannot speak these words. I hope you can forgive me. I am lost without Wenona.

She taught me how to write English, so this feels right. On April 27th, we were walking in the lake, as we often did after we moved back here. The ice and snow is finally gone, and the sun shone on us. It felt like any other spring day. We were just speaking, about moving away from the Manitoba Sea, and back to Alberta.

Then, she collapsed. I picked her up, but I, could not do anything. I carried her back to the house, but I felt it. She was no longer there. Wenona was gone. I feel, her last seconds, were in my arms. I don’t know, if that is a good thing.

I cannot describe that moment to you. I don’t want to remember it, and I think, my children, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, you will only know how I felt, if this moment happens to you. I sympathise with you.

She had been a little ill, but I just thought it was a flu or something, but she was feeling much better. All I can think about, is her scent. All I have now is a memory. I just keep wishing, she would come and crawl up next to me, and smile. For her to wrap her arms around me, for us to laugh together. I miss her dirty giggle.

I knew this day might appear one day. In a way, I am thankful, Wenona left this world first. I could not stand the idea of her being alone. We had spoken about this day, but this is not what I expected. I never thought, I would not care if I died.

I cannot not go back in that house anymore. It is no longer my home. I have moved all of the important parts of my life, from that building, and now, I can stay away, from the past. I don’t need to be reminded of it. I can remember, I will never not remember.

Look after the town, and protect it, the best you can. Keep the house, nice, for Wenona. She really liked this place. If I have to make a special ask, treat a local boy called Oliver right. He helped me, so much in the last few days. A kind boy. Nice man.

I am not at peace, and I cannot be the Father you need, without your Mother. Saxifrage, Christopher, George, Alexandra, enjoy life, for us. I wish anyone who finds this, the best. We love you, very much. We always will.

Myeengun and Wenona

The End

Thank you for reading this short story, Death upon the Manitoba Sea. This short story, similar to, The End of the School Day, is a part of a much larger story, just not the same story. Both of the full stories, these short stories are a part of, will be released in 2021.

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