Part 1: The Final Light: Vampire Poetry of the Capture

This is the first part of this 5-part book. Below are the first 11 poems.


What connects two little souls?

Is it their shared interests?

The attraction to each other’s bodies?

Chemicals within their brains that start to boil,

Or is it all four?

However, when two souls are quite different from each other,

Beyond the description of words,

Is the attraction anything but, a selfish interest?

The sun is setting on the day and beginning the rise of the night,

One soul sleeps in a deep and quiet nightmare,

Whilst the over prepares for a time he doesn’t care for,

Neither knows of the future, or the present and can only see their past.

Two souls in a sea of bodies,

The darkness brings the end but, also the beginning,

The night is just another part of the soul.

Escape the Darkness

Over the Horizon, I see the light of the Sun.

Shining across the city,

Beyond the sky and into the ground

People walking around, busy and not caring about the world,

Not caring about me.

I stand in normality, in public, with people surrounding all around.

Just carrying on with their lives, all going around me.

The world shining in being urban average,

People wearing normal clothes, just going to work or school,

Meeting friends or family or having secret rendezvous.

I am just normal, walking down a normal road,

My friends by my side, just talking away,

All smiling and happy to be with me in the light.

I see the impossible,

I see the light of my dreams.

An escape from the darkness,

Escape Reality.

That Social Time

It is that time of my life again.

The time to be social and be happy,

Just to make everybody else happy.

I wouldn’t mind but,

I am the guy who is asked to make up the numbers,

To be the lame one and make everyone else feel better.

I don’t like the drinking,

Nor do I enjoy the constant noise,

But I go to these social affairs,

For the sake of keeping people happy.

I may be Happy.

If I get home before somebody vomits on me.

If there are some salted peanuts.

If my time is spent on me having fun.

If I still have some change left in my wallet by the end.

If I find a new friend or something better.

I will be happy.

Dreaming the impossible dream for me,

The outcast hoping for love but, too scared to look for it,

Hoping it will come to me,

Am I just lazy in life?

Probably, but at least everybody else is happy.

Awake Once Again

The End of the day brings many things, including me.

Out of the darkness of my slumber and into the darkness of the night.

The tomb of my body begins to slither into this life,

My eyes opening and with my sight,

I see my darkness, twisting and turning above me,

I open the door into the realm of life.

I am Awake

In my new reality of darkness and of being reborn,

I see the world move forward with the light of the day shining their way,

Whereas the darkness of my time keeps me prisoner in isolation.

Yet, the light is what I hate, and the darkness keeps me craving,

My new reality is of being beyond the light and taking the people within it.

Bathing in the darkness,

I am their final saviour. I give them their final gift. I need another.

I am Awake.

Out on the Town

Going out tonight is nothing new,

My town is my birthplace, childhood and my night out.

Like most people in this town, we stick around,

For not having anywhere else to go in this world.

Friends and Family,

Pizza and Pies,

This my town that I love and hate.

Walking in the pub and then maybe a club.

Watching the drink get devoured,

The crisps get spilt and the drunks starting to arrive,

This is definitely my town on a Friday night.

Maybe something exciting will happen tonight,

There might be a fight, or a beautiful woman could fancy me,

But that never happens in my town.

Eating Out

Am I starting to get used to this?

A life away from everybody and picking my delight for the night.

Feeding my body is too intoxicating to resist, the urges from within.

Friday night is my night for going out and finding my weekly food supply,

Finding my man to satisfy me for the rest of the week,

Is not too difficult.

A large guy with enough to feed me tonight,

And keep me happy for another week.

Maybe until Cranky Thursday,

But it is better to take a single life rather than a pair.

Blood bags might help me out on the weekdays but,

The warmth, the taste, the urge for live blood is just too good.

It is my great sin but, religion does not matter to me anymore.

Now that life and death is defined by me, the monster in the dark.

Should I continue this perverted way of live?

There is no goal, no ambition, no body,

Who loves me or I love beyond their blood?

I am stuck in a cycle with only 1 way out,

The final sin but,

Tonight, my way is to enjoy the greatest taste of my life,

The fresh blood of a good, young man.

The Black Dog

My local pub where you can guarantee a good mood, is the Black Dog.

The smell of smoke and vapes surrounding the door,

The floor covered in a thin grease of an alcoholic dream.

This is my comfort zone in my town.

With 1 mate losing again on the bandit,

Another trying to talk to some women,

And another playing on his phone.

I am starting to watch the clock.

I know this is supposed to be a fun night,

A good time with my mates, away from work but,

All I want to do is go home and watch some tele.

Does that make me boring or a bad friend?

Maybe the Black Dog is a comfort zone but,

Maybe I need something more exciting than the Black Dog.

But where is the more exciting place on a Friday night?

Better question, where is the more exciting place for me on a Friday night?

Not including my houses of course.

I can think of some places but,

I don’t think they are the best ideas I have ever had.

Maybe I am just boring, maybe I enjoy the boring life?

Maybe the Black Dog is the perfect place for me? Maybe.

Somewhere Different

I think tonight I will go somewhere new.

A place that nobody will recognise me for my past.

Somewhere with what I need on this glorious evening.

Plenty of options to select the best meal.

There should be at least 1 man in there for me on this Friday night.

Otherwise, I will go to the Chicks Den and get myself a lady takeaway.

I prefer men in most ways so, maybe he will be a really good night.

Not just a bite delight like the ladies.

Then again, I have a huge appetite tonight.

My insides are craving some fresh blood.

I cannot wait, I am on my way, my delight.

Walking is just making me crave, more and more.

With every step my imagination grows,

Of my opportunities on this clear moon filled night,

Hidden in the shadows, I am getting closer and closer.

I can feel the blood swirling around,

Finally, it is my time.

Friday night is my night.

Gothic Beauty

As soon as I turn and see her, I just knew she looked amazing.

Different seeing somebody with pale white skin,

Long black hair, in a very nice black dress.

She doesn’t happen to appear in reality, every day.

But, stood in the doorway to this little den of alcohol,

Stood this gothic beauty.

Not tall, not short.

Not thin, not thick.

This average girl looking anything but, average.

In a room full of people, she is the only person in view.

Am I staring?

She won’t be interested in me anyway so there is no point in exciting myself.

I should just focus on a good night with my mates.

But I don’t seem able to look away from her.

Is she looking at me?

My eyes are looking at her eyes and vice versa.

Is she smiling at me, this Gothic Beauty?

At the Bar

I look through a sea of candidates,

Each looks and offers a different possibility,

But which is the right one for tonight.

There are a few that seem interested in me,

Eyes staring through, across and around the room, all for me.

What a delight but, none of them seem quite right.

All with ego, ignorance, and spite.

That is normally my delight but, it is not working for me tonight.

All but one from across the room,

Standing at the bar, his eyes lighting a path from me to him,

He seems to be a mortal geek dreaming awake tonight.

He wants to talk to me but, seems too shy to take control,

His feelings are running through his head rather than acting through his body.

Internal passion rather than external lust.

Our eyes seem to be locked.

I want him to see more of me,

I smile at the sight of him smiling at me,

I move towards him, the sea of people divided between us.

He looks away in shame, he thinks I am too good for him.

I feel I should get to know this mortal, a new challenge for me.

How exciting!

Every Step

She starts to walk to the bar,

Or is she walking towards me?

This uncertainty is killing me,

Every step she takes cause me more discomfort.

If she is walking to the bar, do I even talk to her?

Do I dare even say a word to her?

What do I say?

What if she starts a conversation with me?

What do I say?

What will she say?

She is walking really slow?

Has time slowed down to almost a complete stop?

Why am I questioning everything?

What is the real reality?

Am I getting sweaty?

Why am I getting sweaty now?

My heart is pounding harder and harder,

I can’t even look at her,

Just in case she looks back,

It makes no sense and all the sense in the world.

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