Part 2: Be Nice

This is the second part of this 5-part book. Below are the next 11 poems. Please Read until the end of the book to enjoy the full experience.


When you are having a good time,

Time speeds up to get you back to the bad times.

When you are having a bad time,

Time slows down to stop you getting to the good times again,

Thus, is the time paradox of emotion.

So there sat the opposites,

Attracted through ambition, logic and emotion.

Through greed, selfish desire, and ignorance.

As they spoke, every word rung in all four ears,

Reverberating through their minds & souls,

Sparking a shared fire whilst the rest of the billions ignored them.

Midnight came and brought a new change,

The day had ended in darkness,

The new day started in darkness,

And thus, the simplest of choices raced forwards,

For only time makes the decision to move forward,

Souls decide in which direction they move,

Time, constantly leaving souls behind.

Leaving them with death,

Thus, the companions of time and death are aligned.

The First Word

What do you say to a guy pretending not to exist?

Wanting to disappear into thin air.

I can see him looking for me, in the corner of his eye,

This little creeper is definitely interested in me,

This might get weird, but let’s have some fun.

I tap him on the shoulder,

His head slowly turns, and he looks surprised,

His eyes looking through mine and it feels like he is looking behind my eyes.

The conversation starts so very slow,

So quiet,

Just a single word from his mouth,

But his heart is pumping hard.

He is definitely not a confident fella,

But he starts opening up to me, the more we speak,

Our souls and minds becoming more intertwined,

He begins to smile and seems to be enjoying my company.

He has a great mind and wit,

And seems to be full of the red stuff,

This might just be, my lucky night.

It is a shame that it will come to an end,

But that is the way of the Friday Night.

Look Closer

Sliding into the bar stall next to me,

Her hair moves in rhythm as her head glides through the air,

Eyes shining under the lights at the bar, enchanting to behold.

In the fine details, she gets a little weird,

She doesn’t want to know my name, she doesn’t want to tell me her name.

Another mystery to this gothic beauty.

Vague details annoy me and yet, I wait upon her every word.

Although, I absolutely want to know the real woman behind the goth attire.

My friends have slowly moved away, leaving me alone with her.

Pals trying to help me by not getting between us or being a distraction

It is Incredible to me that she even wants to glance at me,

Reality doesn’t appear to be working as I am in a dream,

Even she seems to be disinterested in everybody but me.

Just a Name

To most people,

Names are not important,

To me, it gives an opportunity a name,

I don’t want to think about the previous Friday nights,

As the names of the forgotten,

When I enjoy what they give me.

The souls that delighted me from months ago,

Just the thought hurts.

I enjoy this new life for a minority of my time,

And I don’t need that minority to get smaller,

Because I know my victim’s names.

I don’t even believe in my own name,

I don’t use it unless, it is absolutely necessary.

My Christian name is fading as the girl left the mortal reality.

That girl died and left me in her coffin.

So of course, names are important to the mortals,

But a name gives them a greater soul than I already see,

I don’t need to know his name, I am enjoying my time with him now,

I suspect I will enjoy my time with him later even more.

Too Perfect

I have only been talking to this beautiful woman for 20 minutes,

And I am already in love with her.

It is incredible really,

I so rarely talk to women like this,

And normally, they rarely want to talk to me,

So why is this beautiful woman wasting her time with me?

In fact, she is really beautiful,

Too beautiful to want to go in the Black dog on a Friday night,

Definitely too beautiful to walk in without some company,

Where are her friends, her boyfriends?

Why did this beautiful woman walk in here tonight?

I am probably thinking too hard,

Maybe I am making excuses for why somebody would want to talk to me,

Somebody who I am very attracted too.

She seems too perfect to be true.

It must be my very lucky day.

The Right Selection

Sometimes I pick my man for the night and I later change my mind,

They don’t quite work for me,

They lose interest in me or vice versa.

If anything, this man is too good.

I actually like this person stood in front of me.

I like his attitude to life, intelligence, and society.

I almost don’t want to continue this conversation,

I don’t want the man in front of me to be ended by me,

For my lust for blood to cause his death.

But he seems like a good prospect,

He smells too good to resist,

His heartbeat makes my desire for him unstoppable,

Somebody who will truly satisfy my thirst,

I am enjoying my night with him,

So why end it now,

With me looking for somebody that may not be as good an option as him,

And leaving him disappointed with his night.

I don’t want to leave him right now,

He doesn’t appear to want to leave me right now,

So, my decision is already made,

But I think this night is going to be easy in some ways,

And difficult afterwards.

This Guy

Just when I started to get comfortable,

Sitting with a beautiful lady,

Then a guy walks over and starts flirting with her.

I want to fight for her attention but,

She is miles out of my league, and he is definitely the better-looking guy.

She begins to flirt back with him,

She begins to smile more and more,

And even arranges to meet up with him next Friday night in the Black Dog,

I sit there bewildered by this as he leaves our conversation,

Winking and blinking at her as he goes.

I wave goodbye to make him feel awkward,

Although he seems to have accomplished his mission,

Not brilliantly but, he settles for next week,

She turns back to me and begins our conversation again,

It is almost as if he was never there.

I mention it and she shrugs it off,

Saying it happens and that he is the backup plan if I fail.

I did not even know I had something to pass.

Is dating just a game for this beautiful lady?

It has definitely increased the pressure on me,

I definitely don’t want to fail this game!

Weekly Therapy

When I first started hunting alone,

I didn’t want to know anything about my meal for the evening,

Apart from where I should implant my fangs for the night.

Now, getting to know my weekly conquest has become,

The only meaningful conversation of the week,

A part of my favourite time of the week.

I never expected talking to be pleasurable,

Something that I would actively enjoy.

But isolation for 6 nights gives me a reason,

To do something different on my Friday.

Hunt, talk, enjoy and feed has become my routine,

Just 1 step away from the ultimate satisfaction,

I can hardly contain my urges.

But, why waste this mortal,

He can stimulate my mind,

In more ways than just his blood.

Lost in Words

I am speaking to her about the weirdness of the world,

Sharing my interests and she seems to be into TV shows,

I like TV too but, she seems to really enjoy talking about her favourite series.

We keep talking and time is slowly falling away,

Midnight has come and gone, and the morning has begun,

Before I know it, she has gone to the bathroom,

I check the time to see it has already gone past 2.

She takes a while and I begin to worry,

I am starting to think that she might have run away,

I might have said the wrong thing and scared her away,

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Just as I am starting to think about going home,

She appears, and I have never felt so happy.

She smiles and I can’t help but feel relieved,

I have never been so happy to see somebody before in my life.

The Offer

I went to the bathroom to see if he would run away,

To give him a chance to get away.

I still have a small conscious but, when I return to the Bar,

He is sat there, waiting for me.

His smile shines in the darkness of the pub at night.

As I walk towards him once more,

I decide to take the next step,

And make him an offer that no man or woman has refused in months.

He looks surprised and happy,

Without another word, I take his hand and lead him away,

I can feel his heartbeat through his hand,

As we walk into the darkness of the night.

Pulled Forward

I am in a state of disbelief,

I have heard of nights as good as this,

But I thought it was just a TV trope.

She offers me a drink at her place,

I almost can’t believe it and I ask her to repeat the question,

She grabs my hand and I haven’t been this excited in years.

Her hand is smooth, strong and cold.

It feels different to all of my ex’s,

As she parades me out of the Black Dog and into the night.

I try to act as calm as possible,

Trying to play it cool and confident,

But I don’t think I am being very successful.

She has become more animated,

A lot more joyful,

Visibly excited and flirtatious.

Dancing in the darkness of the night whilst I stroll by her side,

Hand in hand, She is leading my way to the future.

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