Part 3: The Light of the Night

This is the third part of this 5-part book. Below are the next 11 poems. Please read until the end of the book to enjoy the full experience.


The imagination is often seen as creative intelligence,

Ideas, dreams and fantasy worlds,

The difference between men and women and animals,

But a similarity of the living and undead.

The idea of something being a dream is about perspective,

However, the same dream could be a nightmare for a different soul.

It is all about the perspective of the soul,

But the assumptions are that everybody wants the same dream.

Assumptions of the light is that nobody likes the darkness,

The ignorance of each soul comes from assuming,

The perspective of every soul.

The future should be one way,

According to each individual perspective,

The assumptions create the shock when the future changes.

Serial killers, manipulators and evil beings capitalise on the opportunities,

Of the ignorant assumptions of the innocent.

Walking under the moonlight, a star covered sky,

The streetlights shining the path,

A stroll with somebody you are starting to have strong feelings for,

May be considered romantic and a dream,

But assumptions are made to be wrong,

A different perspective may see the isolation and darkness,

As a good opportunity.

The Darkness Blanket

I used to be scared of the dark,

Wondering who was lurking around any corner,

Hoping the light of the moon and stars would help me home.

Now I see the dark as my comfort zone,

The shadows of the light,

A place to hide the real monster on the streets of the night.

A cool breeze blows down the road,

My adrenaline grows with every thought,

We are getting closer with every step.

I don’t dare let go of him,

He seems happy to be in my grasp,

I will be even happier soon.

Just Awesome

She is so awesome,

I really don’t want to ruin this night,

I am just trying to go with the flow.

She is just too cool and unpredictable,

I don’t have a clue what she will do in the next second,

Never mind the rest of the night,

A Tango under the streetlights,

Trying to lift each other as high as the sky,

Making each other laugh,

Her kissing me out of nowhere.

She is just really awesome,

I am just trying to keep up with her,

But she is in a whole other league than any other woman,

I have ever met,

And definitely me.

Excitement of Fantasy

My excitement seems to be viral,

It seems to be rubbing off on him.

The joy of getting closer to the future.

The more excited they get,

The better they inevitably taste,

As the blood is energised,

And made all the richer for me.

It is also fun to have somebody to laugh and smile with.

Spending so much time alone each week,

Makes me get a little more excited each week.

Excited for the future in the present,

Both of us enjoying our time together,

Excited by each other in the present,

And the fantasy of the future.

Shining through the Night

Tonight, is a clear and cold night,

The crescent moon barely shining in the sky,

The dull streetlights allowing me to see her face,

Shining above her black dress,

Her pale skin reflecting the little amount of light around her,

Shining in the dark world around her.

Her eyes are intoxicating to my point of view,

I get a little buzz in my gut every time she looks straight into my eyes,

I can feel and see her emotions shining through the dark.

Slowly, the urban area around us is fading,

The streetlights are becoming more infrequent,

As the darkness grows on a dark night’s sky,

The countryside is becoming more and more prominent,

The trees swaying in the breeze as we continue to adventure into the dark,

I didn’t realise how far away she lived.

Hidden from the Light

This is the dark spot of this side of town,

Streetlights turned off for financial reasons,

Presents an opportunity for me every Friday night.

Every time I get to this spot on this night,

I want to take the opportunity presented to me,

To end it all now,

Change the excitement of the future to the joy of the present.

I once did just that,

One of the jocks took a fancy to me,

And I needed my meal for the night,

He wasn’t somebody that I cared for but,

His muscular body was very enticing,

I wanted to do something different,

Add some new excitement to my favourite night of the week,

So, whilst he was busy boasting about his history,

I took away his future and enjoyed my present.

The consequences afterwards were difficult,

The memory of the taste is great,

But it stops me every week.

Although, I am enjoying my time this week with this man,

Enjoying the moment at home should be better,

Less consequences and the likelihood of more fun and desire.

A Different Idea

Walking in the dark is always fun with good company,

But I didn’t expect this offer to include walking for seemingly miles.

I make her the same offer she made me at the bar,

Just with my house as the final destination,

Which she refuses by saying we are nearly there.

Those words excite and also or terrify me,

What if she judges me as irrelevant?

And ditches me in the middle of nowhere?

I trust her but, who truly knows the mind of a stranger?

Maybe she finally realises that she is miles out of my league,

There are plenty of better men in the world,

Or that she may not want me inside her home.

There are millions off reasons,

Why this night might not end the way I want it to,

But I hope my best desires,

Do not prevent a good night for both of us.

A Ritual for Success

His suggestion of going to his house is interesting,

I sort of want to see more of his personality.

But then I remember who I am now.

It would break my ritual and my security of the night.

Every Friday night should not be and is never the same,

But following a similar pattern each and every week,

Gives me the security and control over my man for the night.

Sometimes it is not even a man I am taking to my house.

Sometimes I cannot resist the urge until my house.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want my own coffin for tomorrow,

Without a need to find a way of getting back to my bed,

In the light of the day or tomorrow night,

And raise any sort of concerns in his neighbourhood, or even his household.

I know what I want, and it is now inevitable.

I know my lair, my neighbourhood, it is impossible for him to escape me now.

The Devil is in the Details

Spending more and more time with her,

Helps me understand more about her,

Every word enlightens me on her morals, nature, and personality.

Weirdly, there seems to be two personalities to her soul

A gothic creature of the night that loves the darkness

Never flinching at the noises coming from the night’s sky.

Then you have this sweet but, flirtatious princess looking for some fun,

She is complicated and I definitely want to know more about her.

Yet I love the mystery of the goth and therefore I am a hypocrite,

Only I could want the mystery and the secrets revealed at the same time.

Ultimately, she is just an enigma.

Reality will dawn upon me soon but, I want to stay in this dream.

By the time we walk through the next village, my legs are starting to ache,

Looking into the darkness shows nothing,

Only she seems to exist with her constant energy keeping me on this road,

One moment I want to laugh, to be funny, to be caring, to be romantic.

Dreams of women didn’t prepare me, to keep up with this Gothic Princess.

My House without a Street

We turn the corner on the country lane,

And there stands a building between the trees.

There are no other buildings in sight,

As we go dance down the crest of the hill.

This latest house of mine isn’t welcoming,

But it does give me the privacy I desire.

Nobody snooping around or looking for any trouble,

Whilst I can enjoy my Saturday mornings.

The darkness of the night continues to grow,

As the glow of nearby streetlights fade, further and further away.

We are now isolated in the beautiful countryside,

What a beautiful proposition?

Behind Closed Doors

You never know what might be going on behind closed doors.

The typical saying is ringing inside my head as I see her door.

Butterflies in my gut, telling me that this is a bad idea,

But when I look into her eyes, and she smiles,

I can see why I am nervous, because of the woman I am next too.

The red door seems so normal,

But for all I know, there could be anything behind that door,

Her father,

Her boyfriend,

A giant tentacle monster!

I have never been so tentative to watch somebody unlock a door.

The silver key within her grasp, inserted into the door,

With every creak and knock, my heart skips a beat.

Then there is a snap, the key is slowly pulled out of the door,

And the door slowly opens, and the darkness invites us in.

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