Part 4: The Heart and Soul of the Mind

This is the fourth part of this 5-part book. Below are the next 11 poems. Please read until the end of the book to enjoy the full experience.


Sometimes you can forget the most vital skill is your imagination,

The difference that separates sentience from mindless beasts.

However, Imagination is folly without sharing it.

Without communication, your reality dies with your mind in time,

With communication,

It can spread with it slowly dying, fading from relevancy.

Turn darker and twisted as time constantly moves it forward,

From the good times through to the bad times.

Connections with other people keeps the sheep together,

But not having a connection to other souls starts to make a predator,

Hidden from the majority, looking down upon them as their superior,

Does the helpless prey matter to a predator?

Can a merciless predator matter to its prey?

The decision to walk in the dark is a risky idea normally,

The darkness is a good way to hide in plain sight,

But, the journey in the dark maybe the start of the end.

Don’t they say, that it is all about the journey,

Or is it all about the company you keep?

Come Inside

Sometimes when I introduce somebody to my lair,

They run away scared,

It is a little gothic,

There are no lightbulbs on the ceiling,

Just candles to light around the room,

Shadows elongate and the darkness is prevalent,

Sometimes my selection tries to leave me,

But I can’t let them.

I have worked hard to get this far,

I am not about to let them run away.

Sometimes physical persuasion can be,

Very enticing and work to my advantage,

And sometimes I have a little exercise before my weekly meal.

Every single week is a little different,

The unpredictability adds to more excitement,

But I have learnt my lesson,

Never stand too far away from the door until,

We are both comfortable,

And I don’t have to worry about the rabbit holes outside slowing me down.

The Chills

As she opened the door,

The warm air inside seems to hit the cold of the night,

The smell of candles is prevalent.

I offer ladies first and she offers men just before.

I take my first step inside,

My hair seems to be standing on end,

Goosebumps running up and down my arm,

It feels weird stepping into the darkness of her home.

I expected something a little gothic,

But I didn’t expect this level of steam punk goth,

It is truly just her house.

She lights a few candles,

And turns on some electric torches,

To show more of the house to me,

Hidden by the darkness beforehand,

I don’t know what to say or to do.

The Reaction to a Reaction

As we walk inside my lair,

Alright my little house in the middle of nowhere,

I show him inside and seems too polite to decline,

I turn on the lights for the first time in a week,

I look to see his face, his reaction to my place.

He stands just within the door and his face seemingly has no emotion,

Scanning the room before him, not a smile or frown to be seen,

His thoughts hidden behind his face, beyond view.

Such a reaction is a little weird,

Normally people have a view one way or another,

Obvious to see and clear from the words they speak,

But he just isn’t like the others,

My gothic palace seems to have not made him run,

Nor has it made him sing or cheerily hum or laugh,

I await his view, his opinion for my place,

It seems like eternity from his decision to be confirmed,

Seconds are passing slower than minutes,

I prompt him to end my agony.

The Gothic Palace

This place is a little weird,

I can see she is a bit gothic but, this is a modern lair,

Electronics and the modern furniture mixed with little oddities,

Darker colours surround this room,

She seems to fit in this room perfectly,

The chair in the corner seems to be her perfect throne.

She is looking at me,

Is she waiting for me to say something?

What do I say? What can I say? What would be good to say?

It seems to be a great gothic home.

For a strange girl,

Okay, a beautiful gothic princess’s palace.

Every palace needs its princess and she seems perfect for this palace.

A Stranger’s Home

His reaction slowly turns from shock,

To a resemblance of don’t act weird in front her look.

It is kind that he is trying to hide his discomfort,

More for my feelings than his own,

How considerate of him to change for me.

I am little more than a stranger in this building myself,

But at least it is more comfortable than it was in the heatwave.

I turn on the TV to add a little more light to this living room,

And to appeal to his sensibilities,

Explaining my favourite TV shows at the moment,

Putting him in a good comfort zone,

Of the familiar visible through me.

We seem to enjoy the same TV shows,

Who knew cartoons could be enjoyed by both men and monsters?

I play the role of the perfect host,

Offering him a seat of his choice, the TV and a drink,

I can see what he genuinely wants by the way he looks at me,

I have some good ideas of my own for this night,

For now, I await the right time for my idea to become a present of reality.

Inside the Mind

I never imagined this gothic princess in front of me,

To like the same TV show as me,

I definitely didn’t think she would be into animated TV shows,

I don’t know what I expected her to watch,

Probably supernatural TV shows with Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves,

Not magic princess’s and Sci Fi madness.

Not that I am complaining,

The fact that we connect on this feels a little weird,

Like our souls are linked or she is inside my mind.

I want to look at her history of watching TV,

See what else she enjoys, beyond a couple of cartoons,  

But going into her private info, even her watch history seems wrong,

Especially as she invited me to her place,

And is being just awesome in every way.

It is like this all a dream,

There is a reality TV show crew lurking in the shadows,

Waiting to jump out and prank me.

But just seeing her face puts me at ease,

Her genuine interest in me is causing me to feel happy,

For what feels like the first time in months.

A Final Request

Why make somebody who is a means to an end, a drink?

Why put them on a pedestal?

Because sometimes I meet genuinely nice people and they deserve,

Some kind of respect and affection from me.

At the end of the day, it is not their fault.

They are necessary for me and they were the unlucky people chosen.

The man sat through there, watching TV doesn’t deserve disrespect,

Everything must end at some point,

Just because something must end, it does not mean it has to be sad.

I won’t be sad so, why should he be sad.

He deserves a final drink, a final happy moment.

Enjoying the present moments together.

That doesn’t mean that he won’t be delicious,

And ultimately taste amazing,

As they always do.

It is just irresistible.

The Throne in the Corner

As I sit in her throne,

She reappears from the kitchen,

With a drink in hand, placing it across the room.

She walks slowly towards me,

Memories of hours ago start flooding back,

Except there is truly just the two of us in this room.

As she starts sitting on the arm of the chair,

Laying upon it as she moves her hand closer to my face,

Her fingers gliding across my cheek.

Slowly her head moves towards mine,

Her eyes piercing my soul,

Without a word, our lips lock.

Her hands continue to move me closer to her,

Moving through my hair, across my face,

Massaging my neck and shoulder.

She seems to be completely lost in the moment,

And I want to be fully lost with her,

But I can’t,

I don’t deserve her.

The Whole Body

Television and Movies tell all mortal men and women,

Romance and intimacy are about pleasing certain parts of the body,

This information for me is false.

Feeling the heat through my skin,

The heartbeat pounding and the breathing flowing,

Every part of the body is important in romantic situations.

I am enjoying this so much, I don’t want it to end,

But he turns his head away and the intimacy quickly ends,

And I don’t know why.

He seems to be riddled with guilt,

His whole-body language has slowly transitioned,

From a picture of warmth, to a more uncomfortable frame.

Nobody has ever pulled away from me in my chair.

I am left surprised and disappointed,

I am waiting for what happens next.

The Nice Guy

I am not the sporty jock,

I am not into Anime or a serious gamer,

I don’t have a particular hobby or passion,

I’m intelligent enough to go to university,

Not intelligent enough to be a Doctor.

Average is often a word I describe myself,

I am a bit ugly and funny and a bit self-conscious,

But I like to please people, especially people I like.

The woman in front of me is definitely somebody I like,

I am scared that I won’t make this woman happy.

There are so many ways to let this goth princess down,

I decide to be more of an open book,

And share some of my secrets, my failings.

This is almost to let her go free,

To not be dissatisfied with me,

To not pity me but, let her find somebody who may be a better man for her.

Somebody who does not have an illness riddled past,

A man who knows what a woman wants intimately,

A prince for this princess.

Therefore, I am being the nice guy by letting her be free of my burden,

Maybe it will free my soul from my own mental prison,

An opportunity to let us both go free by being honest.

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