Part 5: The True Power

This is the final part of this 5-part book. Below are the final 11 poems. Please read until the end of the book to enjoy the full experience. Thank You.


Does anybody truly look at themselves and see the truth?

People believe that the difference between a vampire,

And a human is the soul.

How can a creature of murder, manipulation and worse, have a soul?

Simply, it is a soul made to hide the true heart,

The emotions buried within the mind.

If a vampire was to show, to share their heart and soul with the sheep,

Would the predator remain in control?

A safe place is important for any soul,

It stops them getting lost in the vast void of reality,

Especially for the soul of the monster in the dark.

But a safe place cannot give any soul everything.

True fear comes from the soul and heart of any sentient being.

It can be the simple, common fears or the fear that creeps up on its victim,

Predators and Prey alike, many succumb to its evil.

The ultimate weapon of time and death themselves,

Time to prolong the agony and death to be the final option,

Isolation and loneliness can attack any being,

That is why connecting, and communication,

Love and care are so, important for any being,

A vampire, a young man or a book reader,

Nobody should let time and death win with their ultimate weapon.

Not even a vampire.

The Curse of Honesty

Why did he have to share his soul with me?

It just makes me want to be honest with him,

And I could never do that, could I?

His story just makes me want to hug him, not kill him.

He is an oddball that I pity one minute,

And I admire in the next moment.

If only I had met him before I died,

Then I could have actually been with this guy for more than 1 night,

Maybe had a good life.

But if I wasn’t living my present life,

Then I wouldn’t have met him,

And he may not have been attracted to me.

He doesn’t like the old me,

He likes the bloodthirsty manipulator,

He just does not know it.

Jealous Curiosity

When I told her more about my past,

I didn’t expect her to feel so, emotionally about it.

A very expressive goth that has shown her soul for hours,

Is shocked when I decide to share more personal information?

I know that Goths have a complicated emotional balance but,

I didn’t expect her to go quiet, and be less receptive,

It is almost as if she is jealous,

That I can share such information with her but, she can’t do the same.

I can see that she has something to say,

But is biting her tongue, refusing herself to tell me.

Am I secretly jealous that I don’t know as much about her,

And that is still my fault.

I should just be happy that I am currently sat in a beautiful princess’s house,

Having a better night than I could have ever imagined,

But my honesty is getting the better of me,

Or is it loyalty to be kind, and not deceive anyone.

The First Time

I have never told anybody my darkest secret,

So why am I telling this hot blood bag,

He doesn’t care and he won’t do in a minute.

If anything, he is more likely to fight back if he knows what I am going to do,

But, does he deserve more than that?

Why do I care what he thinks?

If he cares about me?

I have got this far tonight,

Sunrise is only a few hours away,

I have been doing this for years,

So why do I care so much this week.

Why am I telling him the truth I try so hard to hide?

His whole face seems confused,

Not knowing how to react to my confession.

I don’t know what else to say,

I want his approval, his permission.

But what happens if he does not give it to me???

Belief of the Impossible

Why do I trust what I am hearing?

How can anybody be a Vampire?

Why do I have so many questions?

Part of me wants to run away as far as I can,

Another wants to laugh and pretend this is not real,

And the other wants to help her and listen to her.

I know she has pale skin,

And her canines are looking pretty long,

But how can vampires actually exist?

Wait, if she is a vampire,

Has she just been interested in me for my blood?

Does she even like me for being me?

She is looking at me different now,

Am I getting used?

Am I just her dinner?

I have got to get out of here!

I Can

I can’t let him run,

I can’t let him tell my secret to anybody,

I need to stop him.

I need his blood.

I need him now.

I am so hungry!

I can’t control myself!    


You taste AMAZING.

You are MINE!

Fight or Delight

“No please let me go,

I don’t want to be just another victim, PLEASE!”

Ah, I can feel her teeth, like needles in my neck,

It’s a weird pain, sore and yet it is not as bad as I thought.

Her body is forcing mine down as she lays upon me,

Her legs twisting and wrapping around my own,

With her cold hands on my head and arm, holding me in position,

As she twitches and slithers, seemingly enjoying me.

I am trapped in this fatal position, I cannot overpower her now.

I can hear her sipping, slurping and feasting on my neck,

As I gasp and ache beneath her,

I can smell her even more now she is so much closer,

This aroma is intoxicating.

I can almost taste my own blood or what I imagine it tastes like,

In the back of my throat.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her long black hair,

Covering her face from view,

I just want to see her pale face again but, I can’t move to see her.

I hope I don’t taste bad and that it is making her happy.

It feels weird, I just feel her, I just feel tired,

“Please stop, please, I’m dying, I just want to see your face, please.”

“You are still so beautiful, my love…”

Not the Plan

Looking at you now,

I didn’t go out tonight to feel guilty,

I didn’t go out tonight to meet you,

I wanted a nice midnight meal,

And I could dream the death away.

Could I dream you away?

Why are you so difficult?

I can feel the warmth of you, within me.

I want more,

But I also want to keep you alive.

What if you hate me for being me?

What do I do?

What if you hate me for making you like me?


You actually like being with me?

Don’t you hate me?

I really like being with you.

Even if it was only for a few hours.

Just looking at your eyes,

I want to be with you, for longer.

And there is only one way to make that happen.

I have never done this before, but it is the only way

Don’t worry,

Just, drink from me.

As I drank from you.

It will save you.

It may save me.

The Taste of Eternity

I am so tired

Why am I in pain?

What is this taste?

What am I tasting?

I can’t see it but, I can taste it

Taste this weird drink.

It tastes like nothing I have ever tasted before.

A mixture of chocolate and meat in a drink.

No, it tastes more like salty popcorn and beef gravy.

I can’t describe it.

Why am I drinking it?

It feels good.

It tastes good.

I feel weird

Is she saving me,

Please save me.

Save me.

I am so weak.

Make me stronger.



I love you…

The Consequences of Mercy

I have given him an eternal life, from his death,

From my own blood.

I have never done this before, never gave myself to another.

Now I have got this drained mortal in front of me, changing for me.

All for a choice I made and now I have the consequences.

I need to move him somewhere more comfortable,

But where in this damned house is that?

He can have my bed,

He can sleep with me tonight.

That will keep him close and safe,

Comfortable in my coffin.

Safe from the light, so he can sleep tight,

At the end of this crazy night.

I lift him, carry him, and put him to rest inside my safe place,

I join him, in a much tighter space than I imagined.

He sleeps, not realising the changes around him,

Not realising the changes within him,

For now, he is safe with me, in my arms.

Sleep Tight

Sleep tight at the end of this night,

Tomorrow you will wake to your new reality.

I hope you can change my reality.

I hope you can add some purpose to my life,

And help me with my trouble and strife.

Then again, maybe I will need to help you,

Maybe you want my help, or you hate me now.

I don’t even know you; you don’t even know me.

Why did I start feeling these emotions for you?

Do you have any real feelings for me?

I am supposed to be a merciless killer.

You are supposed to be nothing but a good night,

But maybe you can be more than a helpless prey,

My knight of my night for the rest of eternity?

Maybe I can be your queen for our eternity?

“Sleep tight, your future begins from now,

Today you died for your precious queen.

But your queen has given you the greatest gift, she could ever give you.

You are special to your Queen and never forget that.

Tomorrow begins your life with me, Your new Queen.”

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