Q&A August & September 2020

This is just a short Q&A article, answering a few more questions from the emails received, in this August 2020 period, or beforehand. Since September is likely to be a quieter month on the website, this will cover the September article too.

Firstly, thank you. For reading this Q&A and hopefully purchasing one of the books we currently offer. It really means the world, and I cannot say a big enough thank you. I know the world is in a tough place right now, during this Covid 19 pandemic, so the biggest thank you I can find, is what I want to give you. Anyway, you didn’t come here to be thanked, you have questions and I have answers, so let’s begin.

Q1: When is the third book in the, Vampire Saga of the Ace, coming out?

A1: All the dates of release, for this book series are linked in a pattern. Technically, the third book should have already been released, but it was delayed, because I was not happy with it. However, it should ready for the date I have had in mind since March.

Q2: What other fictional books are going to be made here?

A2: There was a fictional novel series, with the first book started, that was about a global pandemic, and the consequences of it. I don’t know if that idea would be really that popopular right now…

Otherwise, there are a few new series, coming soon…

Q3: I think some of your books would work better in a video format, do you agree?

A3: In all honesty, yes. But I am more of a writer myself, but I would imagine, that all books, other than the Novels or Table rich books, could work well in a video format. But I don’t have the money to just make videos of these ideas, with no YouTube audience in waiting. Maybe one day.

Q4: Why are some Books quite short, in length?

A4: Because there is no point in waffling. Some topics need more words, some don’t. I would charge less for these books, but I cannot sadly.

Q5: Why do most of your books have the same price?

A5: Amazon. Really simply, if you want to receive 70% of the revenue from books sold on Amazon, the minimum price that can be charged is $2.99. Otherwise, we only receive 30%, and therefore, is a writer really motivated to write for cents, per sale.

Q6: Are there any plans to do any more Poetry books?

A6: Yes, but don’t expect them in the near future

Q7: How many ideas do you have for books in the future?

A7: Over 250. Too many to count to be honest. And too many, for too little time.

Many questions have already been answered, or there were more private or spoilerific questions, that only need to be answered to each individual sender. If your question was not answered in this article, check out the previous Q&A articles of previous months

If you do have a question for VuVu Publications, or you are interested in something mentioned above about VuVu Publications, including being a new author, then comment in the comment section below, or email us at info@vuvupublications.com

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