Q&A July 2020

This is just a short Q&A article, answering a few more questions from the emails received, in this July 2020 period, or beforehand.

Firstly, thank you. For reading this Q&A and hopefully purchasing one of the books we currently offer. It really means the world, and I cannot say a big enough thank you. I know the world is in a tough place right now, during this Covid 19 pandemic, so the biggest thank you I can find, is what I want to give you. Anyway, you didn’t come here to be thanked, you have questions and I have answers, so let’s begin.

Q1: What is the long term plan for Football books on VuVu Publications, and will you do a book about the European Super League Idea?

A1: When there are new, and creative ideas for Football Tournaments in the Future, then yes, there will be more football books in the future. As I write this, there are no new Football books in the immediate future. In terms of the new European Super League Idea, it is something I will have to look into, and research. Only a book will be released on this idea, if I like the proposal I am writing. But thanks for the idea.

Q2: What was the idea behind the Awesome Vuvuzela Poetry book, as it seems really weird.

A2: The point of the book was that all poetry is weird, and can be written about anything. Even a Vuvuzela can be the topic of good poetry, of different themes and structures. Be creative, or just make poetry about the weather, or view of the world, I guess.

Q3: Since you are designing motorsport racetracks, do you take requests?

A3: In all honesty, if you are willing to pay enough, then yes, I take requests. Otherwise, you can make recommendations, and I might like one of them, and then make the circuit anyway. Unlikely, but possible.

Q4: Did you purposely make the first, 6 Dream racetrack proposals, in the six different Continents on Earth?

A4: Technically there are 7 continents, but since there will be no Formula 1 on Antarctica until 2055, then you are correct. A secret is, that will also be the case, with the next 6 dream circuit proposals. Ssshhh! Spoiler.

Q5: Would you ever write a book about creating a racetrack for MotoGP?

A5: I have made MotoGP layouts for the current books on sale, apart from, Las Vegas and Surfers Paradise proposals, since they are street circuits. To be honest, I will never make a circuit specifically for MotoGP, but since you asked, there will be Grand Prix circuits in the future, which will basically have a MotoGP layout, and that the main circuit will be suitable for both racing series.

Many questions have already been answered, or there were more private or spoilerific questions, that only need to be answered to each individual sender. If your question was not answered in this article, check out the previous Q&A articles of previous months

If you do have a question for VuVu Publications, or you are interested in something mentioned above about VuVu Publications, including being a new author, then comment in the comment section below, or email us at info@vuvupublications.com

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