Q&A June 2020

This is just a short Q&A article, answering a few more questions from the emails received, in this June 2020 period.

Firstly, thank you. For reading this Q&A and hopefully purchasing one of the books we currently offer. It really means the world, and I cannot say a big enough thank you. I know the world is in a tough place right now, during this Coronavirus pandemic, so the biggest thank you I can find, is what I want to give you. Anyway, you didn’t come here to be thanked, you have questions and I have answers, so let’s begin.

Q1: What is the long term plan for VuVu Publications?

A1: The website continues to Armageddon and beyond. Then Aliens, millions of years into the future can have some entertainment. In all seriousness, I want this to succeed, in my time and after my time. More books for all.

Q2: How many Racetrack design books are going to be created in the Future?

A2: The current plan is for there to be 25 in total. But if there are more ideas, there are more ideas.

Q3: Since you are designing motorsport racetracks and calendars, what is your favourite racetrack in the world today?

A3: The Nurburgring is my favourite or Mont Tremblant. To be honest, I like seeing a variety of racetracks, and not all the same, copy and paste circuits that some modern Formula 1 racetracks have become known for. A hilly track is often a good track.

Q4: Do you write for ASMR channels, or do they write on this website?

A4: Ideas are passed around, but nothing formal. If an ASMR channel wants some Merch, in the form of their own book published, then let me know, and we can make sure it all goes well.

Q5: How many sales do you make, and money do you earn?

A5: Not enough sadly to make this very profitable. But, for the love of the writing and the topics involved, it continues. I doubt the COVID 19 pandemic is going to make this business better financially. Oh well!

There are less questions this month, because many questions have already been answered, or there were more private or spoilerific questions, that only need to be answered to each individual sender.

If you do have a question for VuVu Publications, or you are interested in something mentioned above about VuVu Publications, including being a new author, then comment in the comment section below, or email us at info@vuvupublications.com

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