Q&A May 2020 – Vampire Saga of the Ace

This month’s Q&A is exclusively to answer questions around VuVu Publication’s first fictional book series, of Vampire Saga of the Ace. There have been a few questions asked, about this book series, so here are the questions I am willing to answer, about this book series that will not spoil the following books, yet to be published in this book series.

Minor Spoilers for the books, Vampire Poetry of the Capture, and, Vampire Novel of the Weak. Both books are available to see and preview on this website, and to buy from Payhip and Amazon.

Q1: Why was the first book in a fictional book series, a poetry book?

A1: It makes sense for the larger story, and for the secret story, I believe nobody has discovered yet. Somebody call MatPat, as I have a secret story in these books, that would destroy his mind.

Q2: When will the third book in the series come out?

The third book was scheduled for earlier this year, but I decided to not rush it, and to put some more time and care into the final part of the first trilogy. It will be available later this year, but to know the exact date it will be available, the clue I will give you is to look at when the previous two books were released.

Q3: How many books are planned to be in this Saga?

More than the Harry Potter franchise. There is an exact number in mind, and the more observant buyers, may notice which number is the current aim for this saga, and the story I want to tell.

Q4: There are only the 2 fictional books, Vampire Saga of the Ace books out on your store at the moment, so is Fiction less important or less frequent on VuVu Publications?

A4: The simple answer is no, but they often take longer to write. By the end of the year, the hope is to have more than 10 fictional books on the website, but that might not happen, because it just takes a lot of time, to write a good 60,000 word Novel, such as the ‘Vampire Novel of the Weak.’ As a tease, there is the 3rd book in the Vampire Saga of the Ace, releasing later this year a unique poetry book for June, and a lot of other fictional books, to be released at some point. Just be patient for now.

Q5: Are you making up the story as you go, or do you have a plan for all the books in this series?

A5: A plan is in place, but sometimes good ideas just appear, and they are just extra to the existing story.

Q6: Is the real name of the author, Knedracious?

A6: No, and nobody in the world, has that name. Heck, before I published the first book, the word, Knedracious, produced zero search results on Google.

Q7: Will we find out more backstory about the Queen, in the third book in the series?

A7: Yes, a little bit. Not a whole backstory and debrief, but maybe a few extra details, from a different voice.

Q8: What inspired you to write this book series?

A8: I have always enjoyed Vampiric media, ever since I was a child. From Mona the Vampire, to Halloween episodes of TV shows, to Young Dracula, to not enjoying Twilight movies, to getting back into vampires afterwards, and now loving What We do in the Shadows. So, when I wanted to start writing fiction, vampires immediately came to mind. But, it took a while for the idea of the story to appear. I had good ideas, but I wanted to have, the idea. But like a lightning bolt, it hit me one day, and I have been writing ever since.

Thanks for reading this web page, and all Vampire Saga of the Ace books are available to see and preview on this website, and to buy from Payhip and Amazon. As well as being available from many other online book retailers.

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