Vampire Novel of the Pair

This book is the 3rd Vampiric book and continuation of the series, Vampire Saga of the Ace.
This is a sequel story to the Vampire Novel of the Weak, where two Vampires have taken the next step to becoming the monsters of the night, they fear. Now, we will see if they can manage the emotions that come with the actions they choose. From travelling to a new reality, to chasing their impossible fantasies, the Queen and her Knight dream of a brilliant future. Feeling, thinking, and imagining are separate from each other. The heart, the mind and the soul are not.

Below are a couple of paragraphs, from within the third book of the Vampire Saga of the Ace, Vampire Novel of the Pair!

‘Our potential palace has also fallen into darkness, lightbulbs off, at least on this side of the house, facing the street. I see Autumn, carefully trod on the grass, being careful not to fall over, as she inspects the side of the house, almost out of my view. Then I hear something coming from down the street.

Footprints, on the pavement, and I decide it is probably better, to hide away from eyesight. Over the metal gate, and behind the evergreen tree, so nobody down the road can see me. But I can see them. There is a man, or a teenager, wearing a hoodie, and he is on his phone. He is heading this way, and is looking at the house. I can smell his blood pulsing, it is, tempting. But, he is just looking at the house. It is like, he is waiting for something, or someone.’

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