Vampire Poetry of the Capture

This poetry book is a little different from most other poetry books as you will quickly realise when reading this fiction. We hope you enjoy the poetry, this book has to offer and the story hidden within.
This is the 1st book in the Vampire Saga of the Ace book series. More will follow, in the future.

Below is a Poem from this Book – Title: Look Closer

Sliding into the bar stall next to me,

Her hair moves in rhythm as her head glides through the air,

Eyes shining under the lights at the bar, enchanting to behold.

In the fine details, she gets a little weird,

She doesn’t want to know my name, she doesn’t want to tell me her name.

Another mystery to this gothic beauty.

Vague details annoy me and yet, I wait upon her every word.

Although, I absolutely want to know the real woman behind the goth attire.

My friends have slowly moved away, leaving me alone with her.

Pals trying to help me by not getting between us or being a distraction

It is Incredible to me that she even wants to glance at me,

Reality doesn’t appear to be working as I am in a dream,

Even she seems to be disinterested in everybody but me.

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