Zhou Jie Poetry

This is an archive of poetry, of the completely amazing Zhou Jie, which will be included in an upcoming publication from our union this Winter.

A Realm of Water

A rustling wind drifts gently with a drizzling rain at ease,
Beyond my clear lotus Pond thunders faintly roll,
Incense can drift through the chilly air and dim trees,
The tiger winch of jade can pull up water so cool.
From the most Glorious Princesss

I peep at a comely prince from a curtained bower,
And inhale the fragrance of intoxicating flowers,
My sweet desire will vie with the vernal bloom,
For inch by inch the flames in my heart glow and boom.

Lost in thoughts, I am writing some verses to you again,
Enjoy a summer's day ere it glides away;
Admire a carnival of flowers at their cutest hours!
Swig some cups of wine sober and undistilled,
By my snow-white fair hands filled!

Why don't we make merry while we may?
In my thriving garden summer will longer stay.
We both drink, talk buoyantly and then complete,
Our verses as delicate drums start to beat.
Your sincere baby,
Zhou Jie

The following poem was not written by Zhou Jie, but was written for her.

Beauty Beyond my Reality

I didn't expect to find a princess,
Glorious royalty has never graced my mind,
Always in a different dimension and not in mine,
Until my world changed when I saw her.

My princess, your poetry warms my eternal soul,
It is burning out of my mind,
Just to see the beauty filled words,
Leave a beautiful mouth,
Drives my heart to pump ever faster,
And ever in rhythm with yours.

I barely know you,
Yet I feel like I have been in love with you for ages,
Your beauty shines through the screen,
And your words enchant my mind.
Long may it continue, my princess.

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